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Captain Thomas Karimpanal


Captain Thomas builds on three decades of rich experience across vessels, cargoes, and functions to bring innovative solutions to customers from all over the world.


Working his way from deck cadet to captain, he learned the intricacies of every aspect of sailing vessels. He buttressed this knowledge with operations management in Vancouver, managing imports and exports of commodities, project cargoes, and bulk cargoes to and from the West Coast. Next, as a ship superintendent, he gained expertise in loading and discharging cargo safely, quickly, and with an eye on the costs.

Unmatched Achievements

Capt Thomas’ credentials are more than just a notable resume. He holds a patent on beam hooks for I-beams and he implemented many modifications to cargo gear that help in safety, cargo care, and productivity. He introduced and convinced management and unions
to implement a safe operational procedure for Dhatec storage for pipes on the terminal for the first time in North America. This increased storage capacity for pipes by 3 to 5x.

While Capt. Thomas’s professional track record is impressive, it is the intangibles that he brings to the table that sets him apart. Over the years, his impeccable integrity and strong work ethic have helped him build relationships with all the stakeholders in the business. He has earned the trust of the local union on the West coast, working with them since his initial sailing days. He has also worked closely with local authorities, as independent agencies
(Transport Canada, Customs, Coast Guard, Canadian Food Agency, etc.) as well as the integrated entity – CBSA.

With Grabkit Solutions, customers can reap the benefits of the knowledge and network that
Cap Thomas has built over decades.


Experience In The Field

1989 - 2007

Cadet to Captain

Gearbulk Holding Limited

Cadet to Captain in Gearbulk working mainly on breakbulk steel, project and some time on Bulk and container parcels. Worked in Head office London in 2003, understanding worldwide operations when I was chief officer.

2007 - 2011

Operations Manager
Gearbulk Holding Limited

Worked in Gearbulk Vancouver office as Operations manager overlooking mainly Breakbulk (Containers as breakbulk cargo) and project cargoes along with bulk parcels:

  • In load ports in the Far East

  • In Discharge ports on the West Coast of North and South America

  • Worked on breakbulk stows innovating and improving capacity and production all along

2011 - 2022

Stevedore Superintendent

Western Stevedoring Limited

Worked as stevedore superintendent with Western stevedoring Limited:

  • Earned the trust of customers worldwide and local unions in ensuring a smooth turnaround regardless.

  • Good working relationship with all frontline players involved including suppliers.

  • Innovations in improving safety and production all along with ideas from outside the box and signed off a patent to Western while earning trust from customers and local unions with actions implemented on my drive.


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British Columbia, Canada V7K 1Z5

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